What Does Paint Correction Include?

When it comes to auto detailing, paint correction should be on your priority list. This method can restore the paint on your car to its original state, making it seem as good as new. But what exactly does paint correction entail? What benefits can paint repair provide your vehicle? Find out by reading this article by Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND.


What Does The Paint Correction Process Consist Of?

The paint correction procedure comprises several steps, and a good detailer must understand how they integrate all these steps into the complete process.


3-Step Paint Correction

A three-step polish or paint correction is ideal for automobiles with severe swirl marks, water spots, bird droppings, fine scratches, spider webs, and other paint defects. It requires using three unique compounds, polishes, pad combinations, and spot-wet sanding for deeper scratches.

Using a strong cutting compound and a thick pad, the first step is eliminating deep swirl patterns and scratches. This stage will leave behind minor scratches or marring, necessitating a second step.

The second step is to use a medium cutting polish and polishing pad to remove the heavy swirls, and other swirl marks left by the aggressive first step to achieve a swirl and hologram-free finish on the paintwork.

Polishing using a polishing pad is the third phase of the paint correction procedure. It is the most crucial and final stage in achieving the most depth and sheen for your vehicle’s paint. It eliminates microscopic blemishes and “jewels” the paint to a rich, glossy shine.


2-Step Paint Correction

Stage 2 is ideal for vehicles with mild swirl marks and minor scratches and requires using two distinct polish and pad combinations.

Typically, the initial step is to use a potent cutting compound to eliminate faults such as swirl marks, small scratches, and other minor paint defects. Paint Correction uses a finishing polish and pad to further enhance the paintwork by removing any scratches or holograms left over from the previous stage.


Single Stage Paint Correction

A single-stage polish is a process of polishing the paint in a single step using a single polish and pad combination. This paint repair is suitable for paintwork, which is already in excellent condition, with no apparent light scratches and just minor blemishes. Polishing the paint entails reviving it with a finishing polish and a finishing pad to give it a good sheen, although this step does not erase deep scratches or swirls.


How Much Time Does It Take?

Depending on the quality of the paint job and the intended outcomes, there are various methods for removing these flaws. Whether touching up a daily driver or a show car, you may spend between 5 and 50 hours detailing the paint. Once you get past a certain point, every development need time and work to attain.

A combination of a decontamination wash and a swirl and scratch remover can restore the luster and gloss of your paint while leaving just a few flaws. A skilled detailer can do two-stage polishing in a single day for vehicles subjected to years of ordinary daily wear and tear.


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Is Polishing Required Before Ceramic Coating Application?

It depends on the state of the automobile’s paint. Regardless of formulation or application technique, the purpose of a ceramic coating is to adhere directly to the surface, solidify, and create a protective layer when applied. When the coating dries, it becomes transparent and behaves like glass. It enhances the underlying paint.

Therefore, a gloss finish will look shinier, but a matte finish will impart more depth. Any minute or difficult-to-see blemishes will be magnified or exaggerated. Any swirl marks will be highlighted and not concealed. As such, if the vehicle’s paint surface has any flaws, it is strongly suggested to have a professional detailer clean or buff the paint as part of the preparation process.

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