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When it comes to car care, Infinity Auto Styling is the best place to keep your vehicle in pristine condition in Bismarck, ND. We have a professional team with highly qualified detailers in Bismarck, ND. Bring your car to us, and we will deliver the best results possible, with highly satisfying customer service around.



Infinity Auto Styling In Bismarck, ND

Infinity Auto Styling – The professional auto detailing in Bismarck, ND, offers ceramic coatings, vehicle wraps, car detailing, paint correction, and paint protection film, providing high-quality services from highly qualified detailers. We ensure to bring 100 percent satisfaction every single time!

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Ceramic coating

Our Ceramic Coating will protect your vehicle from the environment by adding an invisible, protective barrier. This sacrificial layer protects against UV damage, acid rain, tar, bird droppings, and other environmental elements while providing a stunning shine for the exterior!

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps from Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND, are a fantastic method to customize your car without breaking the bank. The wraps are available in a variety of colors to meet any choice of customization.

Car Detailing

Car detailing is the process of removing dirt, grime, and other environmental contaminants that stick to the car’s paint. Furthermore, detailing will prevent bacteria from arising inside your vehicle, keeping the inside looking and feeling fresh for every journey.

Paint Correction

Paint Correction involves polishing using machine polishers to remove swirl marks and minor scratches to restore the car’s luster and clarity, giving it a mirror-like sheen!

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) prevents yellowing and has the ability to heal minor scratches on its own. It will also help avoid the buildup of dust and debris thanks to its hydrophobic properties.

Infinity Auto Styling
The Best Choice For Car Owners

Here are the top three reasons why Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND, is the perfect option for car owners!

Highly Value Services

We offer a wide variety of car care services with first class value, including ceramic coatings, paint correction, paint protection film, vehicle wraps, and detailing.

Professional Team

Our technicians are highly professional, well-trained, and experienced with a passion in preserving your car in the best condition possible!

Superior Products

Infinity Auto Styling only uses high-quality products specially designed for auto detailing. We are confident that our team won’t disappoint you with the results we will achieve on your car!

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I bought a used vehicle with a million swirls and light scratches. After the 2 step paint correction it looked like a brand new vehicle! I couldn’t believe the results!!

Travis Friesz

We had the interior of our car detailed by Zach and he did an incredible job! Six years of kids, spills, and other crap and he made it look like new. We definitely recommend Infinity and will go back again!

T Roy Brian

Can’t put into words how satisfied I am with my experience with Infinity Auto Styling! Zak has worked on both of mine and my wife’s vehicle and we are extremely pleased. Zak does a wonderful job and is very informative and professional. 10/10, highly recommend!

Dylan B

Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND, will restore your vehicle back to its best condition! Our team has a great passion for preserving all types of vehicles. Furthermore, Infinity Auto Styling ensures that we use only the highest quality products to protect your vehicle! Call us at 701-426-6715, or you can visit us at 2049 71st Ave NE Unit 4 Bismarck, ND 58503, to choose the best services for your personal requirements.