Ceramic Coatings At Infinity Auto Styling Can Provide Your Car with A High Gloss Finish.

If you are frustrated with damage on your vehicle that is causing its shiny appearance to slowly fade away, System X Ceramic Coating will solve your problem! Ceramic coating is applied to the car’s paint, which protects the exterior from fading and maintains its beautiful shine for years!


What is a Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is an invisible protective layer that provides your automobile with the sleekest and shiniest finish. It offers a layer of protection against environmental pollutants such as tar, iron, and water spots that cause irreparable damage to the paint. UV radiation from the sun may cause paint to fade rapidly and appear dull. Using our System X Ceramic Coatings, we can assure you that your paint will remain pristine, shine brighter than the day you purchased the automobile, and be preserved for many years!

The Benefits of Ceramic Coating

At Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND, we are SystemX Authorized Installers. SystemX is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano coating applied to a vehicle’s surface. When cured, this technology bonds to the surface as a semi permanent, yet durable and flexible for your vehicles paint, glass, wheels, and brakes.

A Ceramic Coating can be described as additional layers of clear coat which serve as sacrificial layers on-top of a vehicles paint with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties of traditional clear coat. We strive for nothing but perfection for your vehicle so you can drive around rest assured it’s cleaned up, shined up, and coated!

System X Authorized Installer

Bronze Package $1,199*

  • Foam Bath & Hand Wash
  • Chemical Decontamination & Clay Bar
  • Wheels Deep Cleaned
  • 1 Step Paint Correction
  • 7H 2-3 Year Ceramic Coating:
  • Paint, Chrome, Headlights, Taillights

Silver Package $1,699*

  • Foam Bath & Hand Wash
  • Chemical Decontamination & Clay Bar
  • Wheels Deep Cleaned
  • 2 Step Paint Correction
  • Basic Interior Detail
  • 9H 5-6 Year Ceramic Coating:
  • Paint, Chrome, Headlights, Taillights, Wheel Faces
  • Glass Coating: Windshield

Gold Package $2,399*

  • Foam Bath & Hand Wash
  • Chemical Decontamination & Clay Bar
  • Wheels Deep Cleaned
  • 2+ Step Paint Correction
  • Thorough Interior Detail
  • 9H 8+ Year “Max” Ceramic Coating:
  • Paint, Chrome, Headlights, Taillights, Wheel Faces
  • Glass Coating: All Exterior Glass
  • Interior Coating: Applied to all Carpets, Leather, Plastics, and Vinyl

Concours Signature Detail $3,499+

This is our most prestigious detail package, catered specifically to your vehicle. Our Concours Signature will start with:

  • A very thorough cleaning of every reachable surface on your vehicle down to the nuts and bolts to ensure perfection.
  • Following our in depth cleaning, we will paint correct every applicable surface to an 85-95% perfection.
  • To put the cherry on top, our Top-Tier Ceramic Coatings will be applied to every available surface of the vehicle including but not limited to: Paint, Glass, Door Jambs, Interior Leathers & Fabrics, Wheels, Suspension Components, Plastic Trim.

This is a very bespoke service tailored to your vehicle, and as such is handled on a case by case basis. From Car Show Winners to Prestigious Car Collections, our Concours Signature is sure to set it apart.

*Pricing subject to change upon Inspection of the Vehicle


What Does Ceramic Coating Include?

Ceramic coatings are liquid polymer sealants that chemically attach to a car’s factory paint, forming a protective layer. Ceramic coatings consist of SiO2 Silicon Dioxide and a mixture of compounds to keep them durable and prevent UV radiation, chemical stains, and etching.

Ceramic coatings make it simpler to clean the surface of the paint because of their hydrophobic qualities, which repel water and debris. In addition to the protection ceramic coatings provide, they also give your vehicle’s paint a gorgeous, deep shine by boosting the reflecting capabilities of the clear coat.

What Is The Lifetime Of Ceramic Coating?

With proper care, the lifetime of ceramic coating is between two and five years. To prolong the lifetime of ceramic coating, you should use the proper car wash methods and materials!

Can we apply multiple layers of ceramic coating? How many layers does a car need?

Two ceramic coating layers and a top coat layer are sufficient. This will provide enough protection against environmental elements and ultraviolet (UV) rays that would otherwise cause harm. In addition, this number of layers is enough to maximize the hydrophobic qualities of the ceramic coating.

Examples of Our Work

Quick clean up for this nice looking Forrester! Basic Interior/Exterior detail, and sealant application for a little bit of hydrophobicity, and longer protection over an ordinary wax.
This owner can drive around rest assured it’s cleaned up, shined up, and coated. Completed with 2-Step Paint Correction, Diamond SS Lifetime Ceramic Package, Full Wheel Ceramic Coating, Interior Detail.
Brand New Hellcat Redeye came in for a Correction, and a Coating, just weeks after purchase! Leaving shined up, protected, and looking better than ever!
A brand new vehicle doesn’t always mean brand new condition. Not to worry, because this 2021 WRX STI got pampered, and is off looking better than ever!
Quick Interior and Exterior detail for this beautiful Focus RS, along with a bit of decontamination to remove years of built up iron spots in the paint.
Wash and Wax for this beautiful Trailblazer RS!

System X ceramic coating at Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND, is the perfect way to protect the exterior of your vehicle. We offer many ceramic coating packages to fulfill your personal needs. Call Infinity Auto Styling at 701-426-6715 to schedule a ceramic coating appointment with us today!