Can you use polish on ceramic coating?

Ceramic coatings protect your car’s paint from harmful elements for an extended period. Remember that regular maintenance ensures the highest level of protection and lifespan. For many car lovers, the question arises. Can you polish the car after applying a ceramic coating?

If you own a vehicle with a ceramic coating, this blog post from the pros at Infinity Auto Styling will share with you about every aspect of polishing it for a flawless finish.

Can you polish a ceramic-coated car?

To put it simply, it is not suggested that a car with a ceramic coating be polished. It is impossible to remove ceramic coatings from paint using traditional polishing techniques because they create a solid and semi-permanent layer on top of the paint. The polishing process includes using abrasives to eliminate flaws and bring back the shine of the paint. On the other hand, since ceramic coatings form a chemical link with the paint, polishing has the potential to cause damage to the coating or even remove it entirely, thus undermining its protective capabilities.

What is the result of polishing a ceramic-coated car?

When you decide to polish a car with a ceramic coating, it is essential to thoroughly understand the different results that may result from the process. Polishing a surface coated with ceramic may have negative consequences on the coating itself, which may affect the coating’s integrity and protective features.

In the process of polishing a car that has been coated with ceramic, one of the most significant problems that may arise is the coating breaking down. Abrasive compounds are included inside polishes, which aim to eliminate defects from the paint’s surface. On the other hand, these abrasives have the potential to harm the ceramic coating, steadily removing its protective layer. The capacity of the coating to repel impurities, resist scratches, and offer hydrophobic qualities may be considerably diminished or even destroyed as a consequence.

Polishing a car with a ceramic coating may also result in the development of swirl marks and haze. The process of polishing may often result in the formation of swirl markings, which are characterized by small, circular swirls. On a surface that has been polished, the contrast between the coated and uncoated parts makes these markings more evident than they would be there otherwise. Hazing is a term that describes an appearance that is cloudy or hazy and is brought about by the removal or modification of the ceramic coating. Swirl marks and hazing are two types of imperfections that might distract from the overall quality and reduce the visual improvement that was supposed to be achieved by the coating.

How do you enhance your car’s ceramic coating?

Even though a ceramic-coated vehicle cannot be polished, there are other ways to preserve its appearance and increase its gloss, including the following:

Regular maintenance

Maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle by cleaning it regularly using pH-neutral shampoo and microfiber towels of the highest quality. In this way, dirt, filth, and other pollutants that have the potential to diminish the brilliance of the ceramic coating are removed.

Proper drying

When you are finished washing, you should avoid using the usual towels since they can potentially cause swirl marks. To dry the automobile’s surface gently without causing any harm, you need to use a blower or towels made of very soft microfiber.

Quick detailing

If you want to keep the ceramic coating looking glossy and smooth, use a spray detailer or a solution designed for quick detailing. The shine may be refreshed between regular washes with the help of these products, which can be applied and removed with a microfiber cloth. This convenient method is both fast and straightforward to use.

Professional touch-up

For the best results, it is recommended to seek the advice of a professional detailer specializing in ceramic coatings if your ceramic coating develops any tiny defects over time. They can give the required knowledge to handle any issues without jeopardizing the coating’s integrity.

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The professional ceramic coating at Infinity Auto Styling 

Polishing a ceramic-coated car is not recommended to avoid damaging or removing the protective coating. You can keep your ceramic coating looking new and protect your vehicle from damage by following simple maintenance procedures and specialized cleaning solutions. To get the most out of a ceramic coating, polish the paintwork well before applying it.

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