Paint correction is a solid investment that is well worth doing if the aesthetic beauty of your car and its longevity are important to you. No other method is more successful in making your vehicle stand out from the crowd, making heads turn as you drive by, even from people who are not car fans! When getting a paint correction service, however, it is essential for you to keep in mind both the quality of the work and a suitable budget. Read this article by Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND, to learn more about the cost of paint correction and how it can benefit your vehicle. So let’s get started!

What Does Paint Correction Do?

 Enhance the Durability of Your Car’s Paint

Environmental variables can take a considerable toll on your automobile. Minor scuffs from road debris, severe scuffs from impacts, marring from improper washing procedures, and other external factors may make your vehicle susceptible to corrosion from dirt and pollutants. Harsh chemicals may corrode paint and expose the metal to oxidation. This damage might be costly to fix. To boost the durability and sheen of your car’s paint, paint correction can smooth out and eliminate these flaws.

Increase Your Car’s Value

A chipped and dull surface makes it more difficult to sell your automobile for its true value. After paint correction, your vehicle will appear even better than the day it left the showroom! Paint correction also helps you to avoid accruing excessive wear and tear maintenance bills and lease turn in fees. You will be able to earn a greater valuation via a trade-in or sale.

How Much Is Paint Correction?

The amount you have to pay for a paint correction service varies depending on the following factors:

  • The condition of your paintwork: The number of defects your car’s paint has and how bad they partly decide the level of the paint correction cost. Too many swirl marks, scratches, and other imperfections mean more labor is required to implement the paint correction. As a result, the price will be higher.
  • The size of the car: A large vehicle with lots of blemishes will no doubt cost more than a smaller one with the same paint state.
  • It all depends on your expectations of the outcome. Be clear with your detailer about your demands from the start, so they can be clear about what they can actually achieve. 

As you can see, the costs of paint correction are not the same for every car. The size of the vehicle, packages chosen and the overall state of the car all have an effect on the final price.

Our Paint Correction Process

Depending on the extent of damage, the complete paint correction procedure will be divided into multiple stages.

Stage 1

In stage 1, paint correction uses a hefty cutting pad and a cutting compound. First-stage paint correction reduces scratches, scuffs, and swirls.

Stage 2

This stage requires the use of a less abrasive pad and polish mixture. In most circumstances, a rougher compound is used initially, followed by a softer compound to erase any scratches left by the coarser compound.

Stage 3

After repairing the paint in stages 1 and 2, the next step is to make it sparkle. The rigorous preparation work will be rewarded with a flawless finish when a finishing pad and polish are applied.

Where is the best location for paint correction services in Bismarck, ND?

Get your car paint correction done right at Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND. Visit us at 2049 71st Ave NE Unit 4, Bismarck, North Dakota 58503 to learn more about our services and to have your vehicle returned to showroom condition. Our experienced professionals only use the best methods and products. Choose the combination of services that best meets your needs from the many we offer. You can reach us at +1 701-426-6715. Book your appointment today!


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