Why Is Car Detailing Important?

Every day we drive our vehicle, we risk contaminants sticking to the car’s paint, leaving an unshiny appearance on the vehicle. How can we remove them? A traditional car wash can’t get your vehicle done from the exterior to the interior! Car detailing will make your car look outstanding on the road! But before you get our car detailed, you should know why car detailing is important for your vehicles. Let’s explore this article from Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND!

What Does Car Detailing Consist Of?

Professional car detailing is a procedure of cleaning and restoring a vehicle to an as-new state. Detailing a car does not entail the use of a robot or machine. Instead, it involves hand-washing by detailers with extensive expertise. Auto detailing consists of interior detailing and exterior detailing.

Exterior Detailing

  • The detailer will spray and clean the vehicle’s exterior using specialized materials. It involves cleaning the rims, door handles, and glass by hand.
  • After washing a car, a clay bar removes any pollutants, overspray, or residue left behind. Claying produces a smoother, cleaner surface and enhances the efficiency of polish and wax.
  • Polishing uses an abrasive chemical to remove thin layers of clear coat off the car’s paint. It eliminates minor scratches and swirls in the paint.
  • A sealant is sprayed on the car’s paint to give it a glossy sheen and provide a protective coating. In some instances, wax may be utilized.

car detailing at Infinity Auto Styling in Bismarck, ND

Interior Detailing

  • Your vehicle’s carpets, seats, and trunk will be thoroughly vacuumed.
  • The carpets and seats will be scrubbed and brushed thoroughly. The objective is to eliminate any stains, markings, and flaws that a standard wash cannot.
  • Next, every interior surface will be simply wiped clean. It includes windows, door panels, the dashboard, and other components. 
  • Your car will be sprayed to ensure it smells as pleasant as possible.

Why Is Car Detailing Important For Your Car?

Protecting your upholstery

Automobile detailing will clean it thoroughly and even use chemicals to maintain it. To prevent the leather from cracking and ripping, applying a protective and moisturizing lotion to its surface is suggested. Leather Conditioner may be used, followed by applying a leather or fabric protector to prevent future damage.

car detailing at infinity auto styling in bismarck nd

How Often Should You Have Your Car Detailed?

Experts in auto detailing advise detailing your car at least twice per year, depending on your vehicle’s condition and specifications. Remember that if you do not adequately care for and maintain your vehicle, no amount of washing can restore its showroom luster.

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